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How to help managers become conscious leaders

Some papers and articles note that a lot of people in organizations feel isolated at work. For many reasons, companies in this era need a new kind of leadership, one more conscious, agile and human which inspires people to do their best.

Helping managers to develop this new kind of leadership means focusing in these five specific points:

  1. Nonstop building self-leadership. It is necessary to look inward and understand our own leadership style, and to check how it is perceived by others. Also, it is necessary to connect with each one’s purpose to be able to lead inspiring others.
  2. It is always better to lead than to manage. Success in management is measured in terms of power, position or completion of tasks. In leadership, success consists in setting the example you want your employees to follow and nurturing their personal growth and development.
  3. Develop a people-centric approach. Business is all about people, so leaders need to put themselves in the employee’s shoes and consider the human impact of business decisions, an impact which is always affecting inside and outside the company.
  4. Help people’s balance by recognizing them often. People offer the best version of themselves when they feel legitimized and recognized. This is even more important considering that in our life, out of every ten times we receive feedback, nine times it is about improvement and only one is a recognition. Regular and genuine positive feedback is a tremendous source of motivation.
  5. Listen and Share. Good leaders are great listeners. Employees should be encouraged to share their views honestly and directly with management, and leaders can help break down walls by sharing insights into their own personality and life.

All these points help the development of a leader who is more real, vulnerable, connected and human. For this to happen, leaders do not need a new strategy, but a new attitude focused on empathy and compassion. The way to get people to take better care of your organization is to make them feel that the organization cares for them.

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