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Book: The Heart of Business by Hubert Joly

A few days ago, the book The Heart of Business by Hubert Joly came into our hands. We highly recommend it to all business owners and managers who want to understand and develop the principles of new leadership for this era.

Below we share just a glimpse of this book, that the author dedicates to other business owners, and that we also find remarkably interesting for our readers here at the FITA channel:

 “…Any farmer will tell you that seeds planted in poor soil do not grow. You first have to ensure that the soil is good.

The same holds true for companies. The first step for companies on their journey to pursue a noble purpose is not always to define the company’s purpose. It may be more appropriate to first focus on creating a fertile environment, making sure that people feel that they exist, that they are seen, that they belong, that they matter. Only then can a noble purpose take root and flourish.

When the time is right, invest time to cocreate with your team a noble purpose at the intersection of (1) what the world needs; (2) the company’s capabilities; (3) what drives people at the company, what they passionate about, what they aspire to; and (4) how to make money…

… To be successful, the adoption of a new noble purpose will likely require a significant transformation of the company. It will likely require changing the way work gets done. This is not just about strategy but about changing the human side of the organization…”

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