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Book: The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

As Daniel Coyle points out in The Code of Culture, we tend to conceive culture as a group trait, as the DNA of organizations. Coyle studied some of the most successful organizations in the world for four years – from a professional basketball team to a gang of jewel thieves – and concluded that their cultures developed from a specific set of skills.

These skills are (I) the development of security and trust, basic so that all people feel legitimized to contribute the best of themselves, (II) the power to show vulnerability and (III) the definition of a shared vision and purpose that allows to take advantage of some common goals and values.

Quoting Coyle “… Although it may seem that a culture of success is achieved by magic, the truth is that it is not. Culture is a set of living relationships with a common goal. It is not something that you are. It’s something you do … “.

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