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Book: Digital Body Language by Erica Dhawan

Erica Dhawan’s book Digital Body Language (Harper Collins Publishers, 2021) allows us to become aware of the information and energy leaks, as well as the continuous misunderstandings that are generated in communications in the business context at a time when non-verbal communication is not visible in many cases. This is especially important because, based on aspects such as gestures or facial expression, they are key to facilitate the connection between people and to develop trust and psychological security in teams.

Today we all live in a time when video calls are becoming the main channel of communication in organizations. People tend to think about what we are going to say, to take care of the message. And this is important, but it is not enough. The most important thing is what we transmit and this is the sum of what we are going to say, the message, and how we are going to say it, which includes our presence, eye contact and our gestures and facial expression.

Presence refers to how we are in that moment, with what attitude and with what energy we show ourselves. Eye contact refers to looking into the eyes of our interlocutors as we would in a face-to-face context, and this happens by looking from time to time at the camera of our computer. Our gestures and our facial expression must be natural and relaxed, accompanying our words and in line with them.

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