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Conscious leadership for uncertain times

In this challenging period in which organizations are struggling to overcome uncertainty, reduce risk and seize opportunities for survival and hopefully growth, it comes to no surprise that many voices claim for a more conscious leadership practice.

Leaders everywhere are called upon to rise in consciousness and, along with showing strength and competence, show empathy and collective responsibility.

Maybe what is surprising, in a pleasant way if you ask me, is the fact that conscious leadership may be going mainstream sooner than you think. The fact that a reference business magazine such as Forbes has been publishing several articles on the subject may prove my point.

Articles like this one by Eric Kaufman, who so well presents the 4 core elements of conscious leadership for executives for navigating crises and reducing uncertainty while still serving their staff, shareholders and communities.:

  1. Purpose and values:

Because current times make it hard to articulate a clear vision, Kaufman suggests we draw on the energy of purpose (why we do what we do) and the guidance of values (how we work toward the purpose). In an uncertain future, your purpose and values are clear guides for decision, choices and relationships.

  1. Collective genius:

Conscious leaders know to the core that adaptability to new circumstances depends on diversity of thought, approach and perspective. Solos are not advised anymore. By asking questions and respecting the opinions of others, the collective genius includes the CEO along with a group of intelligent team members who share the same purpose and values.

  1. Iterative experiments:

Connected to the agile leadership concepts, now is not the time for a three-year plan; it’s better to have a 90-day plan which includes plenty of iterations with your team. Try a new approach or offering, and if it does not work, then quickly adjust, and adapt the offering in the next iteration.

  1. Reflection:

Speed is crucial in typical times for business, but in uncertain times, reflection is the new currency for leaders. Reflection turns action into learning. Reflection brings awareness to the present moment and makes us conscious of patterns and lessons. It will require that you intentionally and courageously slow down, look backward and sideways, and affirm that solutions exist if we open ourselves to them.

It appears that the most effective leaders are masters of change, choice and transformation. And they also lead with the level of personal awareness needed to inspire and influence.

Quoting Kaufman:

A conscious leader is guided by wisdom, love and courage. Wisdom grows from collective genius and reflection; love flows from purpose, and courage shows in iterating and experimenting. These elements of conscious leadership yield a palpable sense of control amid uncertainty.”

So, welcome everyone to the conscious leadership era.

Are you ready?


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